In the Diocese of Rockville Centre many parishes and priests will tell parishioners in advance the Monthly Mass Schedule via the Bulletin, phone and now The Internet. The priests above have agreed to have their Parish Masses posted to assist the Faithful. was created and is privately owned through the generosity of a lay member of OLL parish. He is a writer in the sports media and also creates professional websites. Donating space on his business server will enable this site to provide not only a very professional website but also the times for all of the Masses of the parish priests.

Included will be excellent Catholic Resources to fan the flames of your Faith; links for; The Daily Mass, The Scripture Readings for Daily Mass, Papal and Vatican Documents, The Bishop, Butler's Lives of the Saints, New Catholic Encyclopedia, Canon Law, The Saint of the Day, Prayers, Novenas, Recommended Reading, Assistance in Catholic Parenting, Apologetics, Retreat Houses, Catholic Gifts Shops, Book Stores. You will also find important information for CYO, Youth Ministry, Young Adult Ministry, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses. The ideas and uses for this site are limitless! We promise it will be a great asset for you and your families continuing education in the Roman Catholic Faith.

Although very much a work in progress, this website was Consecrated to Our Blessed Mother January 1, 2007. May She use it to bring Her children to Jesus Christ and Home to His Church! May Her Son multiply this page like the loaves and the fishes!

St. Michael, pray for us!

The Prince of Peace
by Akiane Kremarik

Watch The Video

Watch the Video!

The Blessed Sacrament
The Real Presence

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
pray for us and for the future of
your Church in
Massapequa Park.
May you who saw the water
changed into wine,
see to it that our
hearts are changed and become
like yours.

He Loves You

The Journey Home


This is the personal site of Fr. Edward Seagriff of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Massapequa Park, NY. Site donated, designed, and maintained by Damocles Designs.
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