"How the Catholic Church built Western civilisation"
Thomas E. Woods Jr

The Catholic Classics Series - now out in Paperback
The most beautiful and traditional Catholic books

Great Catholic Book On-Line
Read The Classics Two great books recommended to read during Lent

Descending Fire - The Journal of a Soul
Sophia Institute Press
by Jean Petit

"Read this book on your knees!" Thomas Howard

When Jesus Sleeps - Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life
Sophia Institute Press
by Luis M Martinez

"A masterpiece of Catholic spirituality" Benedict Groeschel

For these books and great Catholic gifts please see SistersOfCarmel.com

The Prince of Peace
by Akiane Kremarik

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Watch the Video!

The Blessed Sacrament
The Real Presence

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
pray for us and for the future of
your Church in
Massapequa Park.
May you who saw the water
changed into wine,
see to it that our
hearts are changed and become
like yours.

He Loves You

The Journey Home


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